GALILEE : Mansion for Sale

R0162 GALILEE : Mansion for Sale


Magnificent, unique 12th-Century Palatial Mansion boasting exquisite warmth and ideally situated in the Heart of an Artist Colony in one of the most desirable areas of Northern Galilee!

Only footsteps to Art Galleries, ancient Synagogues and Holy Sites, this is perfect for those of Jewish heritage for living in North Israel with access to everything and everywhere. Professionally and beautifully renovated building with every detail perfectly reflecting the ambiance of a rich history.

This is a private residence that has been fully restored and built by its Owner over a period of more than 20 years. Scouring the world for just the right materials and craftsmen; this fabulous, unique property embodies the concepts of sophistication and elegance. From the modest entrance to the most opulent suite every nuance, every item and detail reflects an exciting dimension of Old World charm and grace. Designed with a vision of excellence and sparing no effort or expense, this stunning Mansion is a taste of elegance and luxury found nowhere else in Israel.

The ‘bones’ of this property are truly in the mountain itself, as this almost 1,000 year old magnificent building is embedded into the mountain and sits three stories above. It is impossible to list and / or describe the incredible beauty or unique features – some of which are secrets only to be seen. Lovingly and painstakingly built by its owner over 20 years, there are parts of the ancient stonework that took almost 2 years to restore.

You will find design features from all over the world including imported, hand-painted Italian floor tiles and much more. Encompassing, literally the entire block with an area equal to 1,000 sq’m (1 dunam) on each of (3) floors; this magnificent building is embedded into the mountain and sits three stories above.

The modest stone exterior belies the treasures to come, with glimpses here and there of the courtyard gardens for its Villa apartments. Stone paved sidewalks with mature trees and flowering bushes, soften the scapeline – one of the important benefits is there are no other properties of any kind on these streets. You control the environment, the appearance of the neighborhood; maintaining the identity, energy and ambiance of the area.

The entry garden is a delightful blend of natural foliage and an artistic playground bursting in color. Inside, a complete experience in wonderment …

NOTE: This fabulous property has been an amazing home to its owner, and due to its renovation and configuration is perfect for those who may wish to combine their passion for the ‘good life’ with that of hospitality. There are (10) separate suites and (2) 3-room private apartments with additional rooms for private use.


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