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Rabbi Meir Ba’al HaNes – The greatest fourth generation Tanna and most important disciple of Rabbi Akiva, played an important role in the Mishna.  His tomb is near the world renowned Baths of Tiberias.

Rabbi Akiva ben Yosef – The greatest Tanna, led an exemplary life and lived a life of Torah and Mizvot.  He lived during the first and second centuries AD, and died a martyr’s death. Today his tomb is located on the western slope near the neighborhood named after him.

Rabbi Moshe Chayim Luzzatto (RaMHaL 1747-1707) – An important Kabbalist and a poet who was considered the father of modern Hebrew literature. He died in 1747 in Acre, and is traditionally believed to be buried in Tiberias near the grave of Rabbi Akiva.

Rabbi Chiyya – Tanna, a disciple of Rabbi Judah the Prince; came from Babylonia and settled in Tiberias in the third century CE. His two sons, Judah and Hezekiah; are buried next to his grave.  His tomb is near the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood.

Tombs of the Amoraim – “Students of the Rav who taught all the Diaspora …”

Rabbi Chananel and Rabbi Bronna – Babylonian Amoraim of the second generation, Rav’s students; also mentioned with these notable scholars is Rabbi Yochanan (Bar Nafcha), a second generation Amora from Israel who founded a Beit Midrash in Tiberias. This Beit Midrash served as the location where the Jerusalem Talmud Yerushalmi was sealed. Rabbi Yochanan died in 279 CE. Amoraim graves’ are near the neighborhood’s single.

Rabbi Kahane II – A second generation Babylonian Amora who emigrated to Eretz Israel and settled in Tiberias, near Rabbi Yochanan.  The tomb of R. Kahana is located in the hillside of Tiberias. When you enter the gate of the hotel Holiday Inn, continue past Jeremiah’s Tomb and you will find it slightly up from there.

Rabbi Jeremiah – One of the greatest Amoraim in Israel during third and fourth generations. R. Jeremiah was born in Babylon, and during his youth came to Eretz Israel. He was one of the most important sages of the generation, and in his old age he served as the Rosh Yeshiva of Tiberias. His tomb is near the world famous Tiberias ’Hot Springs”, only a short distance of 25 m from the entrance gate of the Holiday Hotel.

Matriarchs’ Tombs – Moses’ mother Jocheved, his wife Zipporah, his sister Miriam, Aaron the High Priest’s wife Elisheva, Zilpah and Bilhah. The burial tradition of the Matriarchs in Tiberias exists for many generations. The tomb is located near the Shlomo HaMelech Hotel.

Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai (Ribaz)– The greatest Tanna of the first generation! He lived at the end of the Second Temple period until the first years after the destruction; and was buried in Tiberias next to the graves in the courtyard of Maimonides’s tomb.

Maimonides (1204-1138) – Rabbi Moshe ben Maimonides (Rambam), one of the greatest jurists of all time, a philosopher and man of science. Rambam has left a lasting impression on the world, and was important from the middle Ages to generations to come. He died in Egypt in 1204; and ordered that he was to be buried in Tiberias because famous rabbis’ graves are found there.

Rabbi Maimon ben Joseph – Father of Maimonides, one of the greatest and influential Rabbi’s in his generation. According to tradition he died in 1166 and was buried with his son.

Rabbi David (son of Abraham) the Prince (1300-1212) – The grandson of Maimonides. He served as the head of the Jewish communities of Egypt, Syria and Israel.  According to tradition, he was buried near his grandfather.

Rabbi Isaiah Halevi Horowitz (1630-1565) – known as “The Holy Shelah“, his name is based upon his book “Two Tablets”. A very well known and accepted Rabbi, also one of the founders of the Mussar movement in modern times. He died in Tiberias in 1630 and was buried beside the grave of Maimonides.

From the site – http://www.tiberias.muni.il – official website of the city of Tiberias.