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Cohen’s Real Estate : RENI Real Estate North Israel

Buy Your New Home, Property, Land or Business here ~ in beautiful North Israel!

Cohen’s Real Estate / RENI Real Estate North Israel is a reputable,  privately owned real estate firm, offering reliable professional services with an impeccable reputation built with hard work over the last 22+ years.

From the moment you first visualize the home of your dreams, until the keys are in your hands – and beyond … Cohen’s Real Estate North Israel will be by your side.

You will find an extensive portfolio of Quality Property Listings in our website – and ‘back pocket’ with something to fit every need and budget.

COHEN’S REAL ESTATE : North Israel is owned and operated by the Cohen Family here in Tiberias. Having lived in Tiberias for many, many generations ~ Individuals looking to buy real estate, will find no better agents to source and find the perfect property.

  • Eliyahu Cohen … 050-4770020  (Hebrew)

  • Yossef Cohen … 050-6733375  (Hebrew, English)

  • Victor Levy … 058-6652574  (English, Hebrew, French, Spanish)

In addition, languages spoken through our office network:

  • Hebrew

  • English

  • Spanish

  • French

  • Dutch (Basic)

  • Russian (Basic)

We realize that searching for the perfect property can be an exhausting process, so here are a few things to consider in advance:

  • What type of property one would like to purchase – one for living or for investment?

  • What is your budget, and will you need a mortgage?

  • What are your priorities with regard to the property location – schools and parks, proximity to work, synagogues, environment and type population in the area?

The next stage is to decide what type of property you want. Maybe you would like

  • a Private Home with a small garden, or …

  • a Villa with additional apartments for rental income, or …

  • an Apartment for a more community lifestyle … whatever your preference you are sure to find many suitable options with Cohen’s Real Estate North Israel.

Clients purchasing for Investment income face somewhat different issues, and Cohen’s Real Estate North Israel offers professional Property Management Services from ‘A to Z’ – including maintenance repairs, renovation services and more.

Our professional team will show you suitable properties from our database of Homes, Apartments, Villas or whatever you may desire. Please bear in mind, prior to showing properties we will ask you to sign a Service Order Form with our firm – standard industry procedure. In addition to the form setting forth the sales commission on the purchase of most properties (2% + tax of the selling price), it also acknowledges that information known about the property will be disclosed; and the information regarding the property as well as individuals involved will be kept private. (Available in Hebrew and English)

Each property will be noted by our representative on the form with the location information. We ask that you sign next to each asset or property shown in recognition of the appointment and terms of sale.

With G-d’s help, when the perfect property is found, the professional staff of Cohen’s Real Estate will work on your behalf to negotiate the price and accompany you through the entire contract process.

Cohen’s Real Estate : North Israel is where reliability, integrity and honesty is the motto and guiding principle of the company.

Working together to offer the very best personal service for the Client. Our office is owned and staffed by the respected Cohen Family ~ long time residents of Tiberias who are personally familiar with every piece of land and most of the properties in the city and region. As well as professional New Olah English-speaking personnel.

NOTE: It is important to understand there are can be differences in US-based real estate terminology vs. Israeli-based real estate terminology.

Example I : 4-Bedroom Apartment

  • Israel is 3BR’s + Salon (living room included)

  • US is 4BR’s + Salon (living room not included)

Example II : Duplex Apartment

  • Israel is a 2-floor or 2-story property (refers to the number of floors in the property)

  • US is a 2-living unit building (refers to the number of living units in the property)

Example III : Dumishpakti (Two-Family Home)

  • Israel is a 2-private living unit building that share (1) wall. (like a US-based duplex, side-by-side or top/bottom)

Example IVGarage

  • Garage, a word used to indicate how many parking spots come with the property. Not necessarily indicative of an actual, physical structure. Sometimes the word Parking is used interchangeably as well in Israel real estate marketing. Clarify with real estate contact.

Example V: Cottage

  • Israel can be a side-by-side series of apartments or small homes.

If something doesn’t quite make sense from what you know about real estate, please ask …

We are a Religious, Family-based Real Estate Team comprised of all levels of observance from Israel and around the world … a winning combination!

Eliyahu, Yossef and Victor

Cohen’s Real Estate : RENI Real Estate North Israel