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Buy Your New Home in North Israel …

A lovely agricultural-based village in the lush Jordan Valley in north-eastern Israel about 20 minutes south of Tiberias. Located near Highway 90 between Beit She’an and Tzemah Junction it falls under the jurisdiction of Valley of Springs Regional Council, with a population of roughly 1,200 people.

The village was established in 1901 as a moshava under the name Milhamia by the five first families on land purchased by the Jewish Colonization Association in southern Jordan Valley; and was the first Jewish settlement of its time in that region. It was renamed Menahemia in 1921 after the father of High Commissioner of the British Mandate of Palestine Herbert Samuel, 1st Viscount Samuel.

It had its own local council from 1951 until 1 January 2006 when jurisdiction over the village was transferred to Beit She’an Valley Regional Council.