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Buy Your New Home in Israel …

Migdal, one of the most beautiful upscale communities for living, holiday rentals and investment properties. A town that continues to grow, as it sits at the north-western end of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) and offers a high quality of life – as well as panoramic views of the water and mountains.

Strategically situated in the valley and cascading up the hillside overlooked by historic Mount Arbel on one side, and the Kinneret on the other side; what was once a sleepy agricultural community has turned into one of the most sought after destinations for living, vacationing and investing.

You will find new construction in both the residential and commercial sectors, as dunams of previously zoned agri-land has been changed to accommodate the influx of New Olim from all over the world. In addition, the new shopping center is only in the beginning phase and in the future will be a destination in and of itself.

With a current population around 3000-4000 people, it is possible to find good homes in the resale or new construction market. It is not considered a religious town, but Chabad has a strong presence and there are Sephardi synagogues throughout the community.